IPS Truck


Enclosures designed to put you on the road to safer, less expensive bobtail operation!


  • Our new Clear Vision Enclosure (CVE) sets the standard for helping you put a safer, lower-maintenance bobtail on the road!
  • Only 43½” wide compared to the original 96”on traditional decks
  • Better visibility due to reduced blind spots
  • Can incorporate pullaway protection
  • Fill hose connection is ergonomically correct


  • Can be used with an existing tank
  • Piping can be accessed in less than 10 minutes
  • Equipment is fully covered and protected from harsh weather conditions
  • Less piping than traditional decks meaning lesser chance of corrosion
  • Lower cost than traditional enclosures

Benefits Include:

  • Greater visibility behind vehicle
  • Everything is contained inside the truck frame – no corners sticking out that may be at risk of damage
  • Covers the meter, hose reel and piping – protection against the elements – sun, rain, snow, mud
  • Limited piping means less chance of corrosion or leaks

Options Include:

  • Tank sizes
  • Poly, aluminum or stainless steel fenders
  • Back-up camera
  • Strobe light
  • Pull away protection on load line and roll up door
  • Electronic register – LC, MidCom, Neptune & more
  • Tool Boxes – Poly, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel

Additional Features:

  • Roll up shutter door is lighter, more durable and requires less maintenance than traditional overhead or side-by-side doors
    • Roll up shutter doors have been in service on fire trucks, wreckers and emergency service vehicles for many years in the toughest environments
    • Rubber seals keep out dirt, dust and grime
  • Steel sub-frame securely holds the hose reel and meter in place
  • ½” thick Poly enclosure is stronger and lighter than traditional aluminum or steel decks and enclosures
    • Resists cold to -60° F and heat to 527° F
    • Impact resistant due to unique combination of strength and flexibility
    • Copolymer sheets provide electrical insulation
    • Primed and painted enclosure won’t oxidize or become brittle
    • Long operational life of over 40 years
    • Easy to re-mount onto a new chassis

Top Quality Components

  • 3” Blackmer pump
  • Pump discharge up thru tank
  • 2” Blackmer external by-pass
  • Isolation valves before & after meter
  • 2” LC or Neptune meter
  • Hannay hose reel w/ Guidemaster
  • Parker hose flex
  • 1” x 150’ Parker extreme delivery hose
  • RegO safety valves-acmes-globe valves-hose end valve
  • 1” hose end swivel
  • Hotshift PTO
  • Air controls for mainvalve- vapor ESV-PTO-throttle up
  • Base Engineering remote shut-down system
  • Work lights behind cab and tank
  • Upper run/turn lights