RegO® designs and manufactures an extensive line of pressure relief devices, regulators, valves, and related components. They test each product to ensure it meets the highest quality and performance standards. RegO propane regulators and valves are 100% made in the U.S. and considered the most dependable in the industry, and IPS is committed to matching our clients with the right RegO products for safe and effective pressurized system control.

As a full-line equipment distributor, IPS offers a variety of RegO propane components. Learn more about them here.

Types of RegO Products We Carry

Sub-par propane regulators present major safety hazards and risk costly downtime. IPS carries a wide selection of RegO propane valves and gas regulators that will keep plants running smoothly year-round.

Two-Stage Propane System Regulators

With increasing supply line distance comes a corresponding reduction in pressure, making a single regulator insufficient. Our inventory of two-stage RegO propane gas regulators effectively regulates pressure through a two-part process:

  • 1. First Stage Regulators: The first stage regulator adjusts for higher, more immediate pressure differences. They are installed directly onto the tank and automatically decrease pressure between the service line and the tank, maintaining an inlet pressure of about 5-10 PSIG for the downstream second stage regulator.
  • 2. Second Stage Regulators: The second stage regulator adjusts the pressure between the first stage regulator and the outlet or appliance, most often outside a building. The second stage regulator takes first stage regulator pressure and adjusts it to inches of water column. Both regulators depend on one another for effective operation, and propane technicians must carefully match the two regulators in size, type, and pressure rating to ensure proper safety and functionality.

RegO LPG valves

Selecting the right RegO valve for propane tanks requires careful analysis of available product types, then comparing them to your liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system’s exact specifications. We supply several RegO propane valves for the most comprehensive range of applications:

  • RegO MultiValves with Presto-Tap: By combining valves, technicians save time and expenses. The Presto-Tap makes pressure testing quick and easy, leading to more efficient service calls.
  • RegO Chek-Lok® Excess Flow Valves: The Chek-Lok’s simple design gives propane distributors a convenient means of removing liquid from containers before transporting them.
  • RegO Double-Check Filler Valves: With combined upper and lower check valves, these valves prevent container contents from discharging in case of hose failure.
  • RegO Pressure Relief Valves: Designed for DOT and ASME containers, these pressure relief valves have a Pop-Action design that offers system protection while reducing unwanted product loss. 

Benefits of RegO Products

Regulator Benefits

By lowering the pressure in two stages, each regulator endures less force, maintaining a consistent delivery pressure (1) as inlet pressure drops and (2) in longer supply lines. Two-stage regulators are ideal for high-pressure cylinder applications. Because RegO propane gas regulators conform to the highest standards, experienced service technicians consider them the most reliable means of controlling high-pressure liquid or gas.

Valve Benefits

To safely distribute LPG at high pressures and low temperatures, it’s necessary to use valves tested under these conditions. RegO valves for propane tanks safely maintain proper system pressure, preventing leaks and combustion hazards. As a renowned manufacturer of liquid and gas pressure control components, RegO manufactures and tests propane valves so that they fulfill the widest range of regulatory and technical standards.

Industries Served

IPS provides the safest and most effective pressurized system components for clients in numerous industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy & Power
  • Industrial Production
  • Metallurgy
  • Refining
  • Residential
  • Transportation

RegO Products by IPS

For decades, IPS has proudly supplied retailers with RegO propane regulators, valves, and other ancillary products. In addition to an extensive line of RegO products, IPS also offers product training to ensure your team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to keep your plant running smoothly. Contact us to learn more about the solutions we offer.