What is Autogas?

Propane Autogas Evacuation System
Also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), autogas is the product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Autogas is the third most used fuel in the world when it comes to personal and commercial vehicles. Autogas is commonly used to power internal combustion engines and stationary equipment such as generators. 

Globally, more than 23 million vehicles are powered with autogas, Since it is less expensive than diesel and gasoline while offering a reduction in harmful emissions, many businesses are replacing diesel and gasoline with autogas for their vehicles

The surge in autogaspopularity is due in part to the environmental benefit of the fuel. Autogas produces fewer greenhouse gases; therefore, it is considered a greenalternative to gasoline and diesel. Through its use, drivers significantly reduce the effect their fuel consumption has on air quality. 

What are the Advantages of Autogas?

The use of autogas comes with a wide array of advantages. Autogas is far less expensive than other alternatives. Because of its status as a green fuel alternative, there are federal and state grant funding opportunities for infrastructure projects and vehicle conversions that can be accessed via the grant application process. Historically, LPG is cheaper than gasoline and diesel fuels.

Given the cost savings realized, vehicles are more commonly being manufactured with their sole fuel source being LPG. Bifuel applications that use autogas are unique by design; The vehicle has a tank for both LPG and gasoline. Autogas by itself is capable of far greater fuel economy than both diesel and gasoline. The dual tank design – coupled with the economy of autogas – gives consumers far more value per gallon

One of the greatest advantages LPG has over its competition is its status as a green fuel alternative. Autogas burns more cleanly, contributing approximately 40% less nitrogen oxide, and 10% less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Additionally, because autogas burns cleaner fewer engine deposits equate to longer periods between oil changes and significant reductions in overall maintenance cost through the life of the vehicle. Overall, one can expect a longer service life from an Autogas vehicle compared to their gasoline or diesel counterpart


Why Work With IPS?

Complete Solutions for Autogas Dispensing and Evacuation
Early on IPS partnered with Gilbarco / Gasboy engineering to develop an LPG upfit version of their already well-established gasoline and diesel dispensers. The propane industry has enjoyed rapid growth over the last few years, and IPS has grown along with it. Purchase with confidence in knowing that you are not on your own after the sale. In addition to the global service and support network of our friends at Gilbarco / Gasboy, IPS has made service after the sale a priority for over 50 years. To further our commitment to quality, weve expanded our offerings to include a full line of UL Approved and NTEP Certified autogas dispensing equipment such as... 

  • Gasboy commercial single and dual hose dispensers (readout displays gallons only).
  • Gasboy retail single and dual hose dispensers (displays total sale, price per gallon, total gallons pumped).
  • Gilbarco Encore 700 single and dual-sided retail dispensers. (Typically seen at modern fueling stations and convenience stores.)
  • Fuel management systems – Includes our Atlas Prime Dispenser option for fleet applications both large and small as well as the Islander Prime fuel island controller that is capable of fleet or retail site configurations. Software options for either are available. Fleet tracking ranges from a single dispenser at a single site to multiple dispensers at multiple sites with the accessibility of fueling transaction data via direct cable connection, wireless, and cloud-based solutions.

What’s that you say, you already have fuel management installed at your site? No problem. The entire IPS Line of Autogas dispensers can be equipped to communicate with most industry-recognized FMUs using pulse output signals. 

We also offer a full complement of features and services including but not limited to

  • Complete Autogas fueling site construction utilizing storage tanks of varying sizes and types per customer request.
  • Heavy-duty tank legs, split-skid, or full-skid assembled units.
  • Electrical packages offered for skidded applications that help avoid runaway site electrical costs.
  • Quality steel 1000 and 1990 gallon AutoGas dispenser tanks.
  • Manchester vertical dispensing tanks up to 1999 gallons with optional integrated vehicle crash protection.
  • Ebsray high differential pump-motor w/bypass packages.
  • Liquid Controls MA-4 meter with POD 5 pulsar.
  • Donaldson and Lumin filtration equipment.
  • Complete tank trim, and piping packages.
  • Painted and assembled units.
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An Infographic Explaining the Benefits of IPS' Autogas Systems

Autogas Solutions From IPS

With the fuel industry moving toward green and sustainable fueling methods, the demand for gasoline and diesel is changing. Autogas products have experienced exponential growth over the past few years as they offer a cleaner and more economical alternative to traditional vehicle fueling options. 

IPS is proud to offer a full line of autogas dispensing solutions to meet your commercial or retail needs. To learn more about our products and services, please request a quote today! 

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